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The Central Coast is the ideal location for experiencing mankind's oldest dream - the dream of flying with the birds. SURF THE SKY PARAGLIDING offers you the chance to ride the wind in a safe, fun environment. There is no better place than here along the Central Coast.

Imagine yourself soaring gently through the sky, gliding along the crest of the ocean waves, or hovering perfectly still 6 feet above ground watching the sunset. Imagine no more - live it!

instructor Hugh Murphy
USHGA Advanced Certified instructor, Hugh Murphy will teach you how to paraglide. In as little as four hours you will be safely flying solo.

Hugh Murphy was featured in the Central Coast Sport Magazine, read the article.

Find yourself soaring with the birds at 35 feet or skimming the ocean waves at 18 inches off the surf.

Also ask about our Motorized Paragliding lessons, hmurphy@tcsn.net.

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Future Test Pilots
Parker, Mary Katherine, Vanessa
"Future Test Pilots"

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